Equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion

Who is this training aimed at?

This training is aimed at managers or employees who wish to ensure that their working environment and service delivery reach the highest standards of equality and inclusion.

This training includes:

  • What is equality/equal opportunities?
  • Equality Act 2010
  • Protected characteristics
  • Barriers to equality:  prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination
  • Different types of discrimination
  • Diversity
  • Inclusion

Background Information

This training provides clarification of the duties and responsibilities of both employers and employees in ensuring they conform to the requirements of The Equality Act 2010.

Inherent in the Equality Act is the expectation that an organisation or service will promote and foster an environment that is both inclusive and reflects the diversity and needs of those who have need of the service.

Every organisation is legally required to ensure that its working environment conforms to the standards of the Equality Act 2010. Equality of opportunity must be guaranteed to all employees and to those who access the services of the organisation.

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