Alcohol and Drug awareness

Who is this training aimed at? 

Anyone who would like to further their understanding and gain practical information on how to support people who misuse drugs and alcohol.

The training will include:

  • Different categories of psychoactive substances
  • Effects and risks associated with these substances
  • An introduction to New Psychoactive Substances (NPS/ ‘Legal Highs’)
  • Supporting those misusing these substances
  • Defining an alcohol problem
  • Alcohol units
  • Effects of alcohol on physical and psychological health
  • Supporting those who misuse alcohol

Background information

Drug and alcohol misuse affects not only the health and life chances of the individual, but negatively impacts on their personal relationships , on family life and on society as a whole.
Conversely, family or relationship breakdown, trauma, or ones life experiences can contribute to people’s misuse of alcohol and drugs.
Many people erroneously believe that drug and alcohol misuse is a personal choice or the result of moral weakness. Evidence increasingly suggests, however, that prolonged drug and alcohol use causes specific brain (neurochemical) changes that makes it difficult for the user to control their habit or exercise choice.

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