1,000 miles. 197 hours. 69,000ft climbed. £3,287 raised.

These are the impressive stats that tell only part of Sian’s fundraising story.

“Rather shockingly the average life expectancy of a homeless person is 46 and even more shockingly that's my age this December”.

That’s what Sian posted on her JustGiving page after realising that, while she celebrated her birthday last year, for someone sleeping rough it could be their last one.

She pledged to run 1,000 miles before her birthday arrived. We would use the money she raised to try to break the homelessness cycle for people sleeping rough. The goal? To support them into more stable living before their lives were cut short.

Sian first stepped into our Drop-In Centre three years ago as a volunteer.

“The first visit got under my skin and it was evident what a significant difference the services made”.

“In 2018, I went home from a lunch service on a particularly cold day and signed up to run a marathon to raise funds - I didn't tell anyone I'd signed up for six weeks as saying it out loud made it too real”. She raised an amazing £3,000. That was run number one."

After hearing that the average life expectancy of someone sleeping rough is only 46, she felt she had to do more.

“I knew if I wanted people to sponsor me again, I needed to do something bigger and better”.

Cue: run number two.

1000 miles later, 197 hours and 13 minutes of running and just short of 69,000ft climbed, and Sian had raised £3,287 for us, with matched giving from her employer, The Phoenix Group.

Sian posted updates on her JustGiving page to bring everyone along on her journey. She shared the touching moments she experienced. She thanked her friends and colleagues for their generosity and asked them to help spread the word.

The praise and encouragement poured in…

“Huge congratulations, Sian! A fantastic and seriously impressive achievement over the past 12 months - and for a very important cause,” said one friend.

“Well done ... legendary determination and for such a good reason,” another posted.

Whatever you raise, your voice goes further than you think

What Sian did for our clients was incredible. She raised money for us and she inspired her friends and colleagues. She showed them what was important to her and encouraged them to consider what they found important.

Thinking of raising money for us and want a formula for success? Take some inspiration from Sian…

5 simple things you can do to make your fundraising a success

  1. Tell someone about your fundraising plans to make your decision real. Be brave – you’ll be proud of yourself!
  2. Speak to us and work out how you can tie in your activity with our campaign. We can also lend you t-shirts and collection buckets
  3. Connect with your circle –
    1. Share regular updates with them so they feel like part of your mission – photos, touching moments, the highs and lows of your journey
    2. Ask your friends, family and colleagues to share your cause with their own circle
  4. Say thank you to your supporters
  5. Ask your company to match-fund what you raise – they might have a matching gift programme.

Set up your fundraising page and get people talking today – no time like the present!

Set up page

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