Chris is going to get his photo taken today. It’s all part of a bigger plan. With a photo, he can get a passport, and when he gets his passport, he can finally take the training he needs to do to be able to operate forklifts.

It’s been around 20 years since he last had a passport and he can feel change in the air.

“This is a big thing for me. It’s really, really big”.

For someone who left home at 14 and has been living precariously ever since, this really is a big deal. Last week he was offered £3,500 worth of training and had to turn it down. Why? Because he didn’t have the photo ID he needed to accept it. Soon, he’ll have a passport. With the passport, he’ll be able to take the training. With the training, he’ll have access to a higher salary. And with that salary, he’s hoping to get into his own accommodation. The doors are steadily reopening.

“The job’s just the start isn’t it? [Once you’ve got a job,] you’ll feel better in yourself. You’ll make better decisions for that. And then you’ll move on”.

The Changing Lives team covered the £6 for the photos and helped Chris access funding to get his passport. These small costs can be huge obstacles to getting a life back on track.

When you support SIFA Fireside, what you’re giving is more than time, money and resources. You’re giving opportunity.

Listen to the full podcast this story is taken from [‘Moving On’ podcast embed]

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