Insight: Client case study

by Heather Duffy on 6 March 2017

Ivan* arrived in the UK several years ago, and managed to secure employment and accommodation.

This all changed when he met a couple who confined him in their home for nearly two years where he was exploited, abused, and forced to do house chores, etc.

In May 2016 Ivan* managed to escape and ended up on the street. He didn’t ask for anything and used the little money he had to buy a tent. Ivan* needed time to recover mentally from his ordeal, but despite his own suffering he used this time to volunteer at SIFA Fireside.
He became a Big Issue vendor, and with his earnings he was able to apply for a passport to replace the one that was taken away from him by his exploiters.

Ivan* has an excellent standard of English and now supports our Polish clients by offering translation services when they attend essential medical and job centre appointments.
He has always remained proactive, and through working with Remploy he secured temporary employment as a kitchen porter.
Having proved himself to be hardworking and trustworthy, he has since been offered a permanent contract which is a great achievement.

*Not his real name

Photo: Allcock Street drop in centre


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