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by Anthony Taylor on 2 December 2016

SIFA Fireside deals with many different clients everyday. Each of these clients have their own needs and requirements. This article has just two of our client stories which we hope you will find interesting.

Peter’s story

Peter came to the UK couple of years ago and at first he had job and own tenancy.

Peter has issues with alcohol. He has lost everything due to drinking and has been rough sleeping for a couple of years.  When he presented at SIFA Fireside he only used our facilities to have a daily shower, hot meals and clean clothes. After a while Peter realised that the only way his life could improve was to stop drinking therefore he asked for support and was referred to CGL earlier this year. Peter underwent a detox and is currently in 12 week recovery program.  In the meantime, Peter joined Job Club at SIFA where he received help with his CV and general advice on employment.  He registered himself with one of the Work Agencies in Birmingham and has been working for nearly a month now.  SIFA assisted with travel expenses to/from work on a daily basis until his first payment.

Peter rents a room in the Erdington area, close to where he works and is happy. His life has change direction in less than a year. His motivation and determination paid off.

Another big success is that he hasn’t been drinking for a while and he feels his life has meaning now. Peter’s goal is to maintain his recovery and sustain work.

Keith’s story

Keith came to the UK several years ago.  During first few years he worked hard and secured accommodation. Keith’s life changed significantly when he met a couple who offered him support and accommodation, and then exploited and abused him over a two year period

In May this year Keith managed to get away from them and ended up on the street. He didn’t ask for anything and he bought a tent with the last of his money. Keith needed time to recover mentally but despite that he became a volunteer at SIFA Fireside. He used to sell the Big Issue and was able to use his earnings to replace his ID and documents.

Keith’s English is very good and actively supports other clients the jobcentre or doctors. He is responsible and active and was consequently referred to Remploy and worked with them to improve his chances of finding employment.

With SIFA Fireside’s assistance Keith got a job as a kitchen porter and couldn’t be happier. He was scared he would have to face cold winter on the street. SIFA helped him to secure a place in a hostel and applied for support with his first month’s rent to give Keith a good start.

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