Marcin’s Story

by Anthony Taylor on 8 July 2016

We would just like to start by thanking Marcin for sharing his story with us. By sharing his story we want you to see the person behind the statistic.

Marcin was born in Poland and grew up there until he finished Vocational School and joined the army. He served in the Army for three and a half years. After the leaving Poland’s armed services he decided to move to the UK and make a life for himself here in 2015.

He found work in Nottingham but unfortunately it wasn’t what he came to the UK for. Marcin was forced to work extreme hours for no pay. This left him in an unwinnable situation. Eventually Marcin had to get away from his ‘employers’ and had to leave Nottingham all together for his own safety.

Marcin made it to Birmingham in February of 2016. However after his previous circumstances he had nothing to start a life with in Birmingham. This left him unemployed and homeless. Eventually Marcin made his way to us at SIFA Fireside where we were able to support him.  We often meet people who, like Marcin, have been exploited in this way and many struggle to break free.  If they manage to do so, they are left with no job, no money, no home and often have no one to help and no idea where and how to get help.

He uses all of our services from food and cleaning to health services. We also put him in touch with another wonderful organisation Hope for Justice, who specialise in these cases. With our support he feels more motivated to change his life. He now volunteers here at SIFA Fireside as he wanted to give back to the services which have supported him.

Lastly a word from Marcin

“I would like to thank all staff and say you are doing a great job.”


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