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by admin on 18 February 2015

Hope for Justice’ work with SIFA Fireside on a regular and long term basis. Hope for Justice are a charity to end trafficking and slavery. They also identify and rescue victims, advocate on their behalf, provide restorative care which rebuilds lives and trains frontline professionals to tackle slavery

Our Criminal Justice liaison officer, Clive is referring clients to the specialist team at Hope for justice. Hope for justice have trained investigators who work alongside other agencies in helping to identify victims and get them out of exploitation.

Here at SIFA Fireside we do have clients that have experienced trafficking. Some of these clients are locked into a cycle of exploitation and in some cases, moved from city to city across the UK. For some clients, they are made to work for little or no money, at the hands of their traffickers.

Clients who are been trafficked are at times locked in properties where they have to work all day. Some may have to end up sleeping on freezing floors of the trafficker’s basement.

Clients have also told us that they were forced to do work against their will. If the work wasn’t finished, they are beaten and threatened. They could not go anywhere because their passports, ID and money were taken away from them. They worked from the early morning until very, very late every day. In one such case they were only given some tobacco, alcohol, bread and butter for the week to live off.

Once referred Hope for Justice can help secure criminal and civil justice for victims and advocate for access to housing and health services and the cancellation of debts created by traffickers. Helping victims to overcome trauma and rebuild their live through tailored programmes at their restorative care homes.

They also train frontline professionals such as the police, care homes, doctors and outreach programs to identify victims and/or work appropriately with them.

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