Natalie’s WW1 Commemoration Poem

by admin on 3 December 2014

A poem written by one of our clients for the World War One commemoration event here at SIFA Fireside:

I know that you’re still with me especially today

Because we shared a closeness even death can’t take away.

And sometimes, when I’m wishing that you’d send a little sign,

a Butterfly, or Rainbow lets me know you’re doing fine.

And when a pure white feather drifts down softly from the sky

I know you’re trying to say that you don’t want to see me cry.


For there must be a reason why the Angels took you home

and you have found a way to let me know I’m not alone

For there’s a special golden thread from here to Heaven above

that keeps you ever close to me – it’s called the bond of love.



November 2014

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