The client committee – what does it mean to the members?

by admin on 7 November 2013

We recently asked for some feedback from our client reps about what being on the Committee means to them and these were the responses; 

  • The Client Committee is about making changes for individuals and SIFA Fireside.  Acting as a client committee member can involve speaking on clients behalf where they may be too shy to speak up.  It is also about access to information and services
  • Reasons for being on the Client committee: K  felt she could bring something more than previous clients had done in the past.  The committee is interesting and helps her to understand more about SIFA Fireside.  The involvement, she says, in the Committee has given her more confidence as a person.
  • Opportunities: The Committee provides more say over how things operate; for example K’s suggestion of moving the fundraising board in the ‘drop in’ centre to a more accessible area for clients. She feels the Committee meetings provide a lot of opportunity to feed back client concerns to senior staff at SIFA Fireside.
  • Weaknesses: none were identified.
  • K’s values and interests are that she likes to get everything done that’s been agreed – and therefore is well organized. She is a volunteer for Crisis on Tuesdays at the reading group, as well as a kitchen volunteer for SIFA Fireside and now a representative for the Committee. She says, regarding her position on the Committee, ‘I still can’t believe it!’

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